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BrightLines Paper

Letters & Numbers Handwriting Bundle

Letters & Numbers Handwriting Bundle

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We've bundled some of our most popular products at the lowest price EVER! Give your young learner the tools to enhance their skills in the new year. All products have been selected by our team of Occupational Therapists to impact a variety of fundamental early childhood skills.

What's Included: 

  • BrightLines Yellow, Raised Line Notepad (Value: $11.99)
  • BrightLines Blue, Non-Raised Line Notepad (Value: $11.99)
  • My Writing Board (Value: $39.99)
  • Letter & Number Flash Cards (Value: $39.99)
  • My First Pencils (Value: $9.99)


BrightLines Paper: 

Since BrightLines Paper is simplified visually, the individual is able to form letters correctly with adequate space between words. The lower half of the writing area has been emphasized with yellow or blue color and indicates where the lower case letters should be placed.

The solid lines have been separated to help the individual locate the writing area. The writing line is capped at the beginning and the end to signify where to start and stop writing.

The raised line paper features only the bottom line embossed. The writer then has a tactile cue for better letter placement. The spiral bound notebooks are the newest styles. The cover on the notebook looks traditional, while the BrightLines Paper is inside.

My Writing Board: 

"My Writing Board" was designed and tested by a pediatric occupational therapist to assist in teaching proper gradation when learning handwriting. The patent pending product has a foam topper to allow the paper to break when too much pressure is applied when writing.

"My Writing Board" will help your child learn what is "too light", "too hard" and JUST RIGHT!

* Designed by Pediatric Occupational Therapist
* Foam topper to increase awareness of pencil pressure
* Practice writing in an efficient, legible manner

TOO MUCH PRESSURE (TOO DARK): Children who press too hard with their pencils or crayons may tire quicker than their peers, making the completion of writing and coloring assignments challenging.

NOT ENOUGH PRESSURE (TOO LIGHT): Children who write or draw so lightly that it is hard to see may not be able to compete work as efficiently or quickly as their peers due to the length of time it takes to write legibly.

Letter & Number Flashcards: 

Fun and colorful flashcards that will get your child excited to learn! Developed by pediatric occupational therapists to be used in school readiness, therapy and general childhood development. 

Set Includes: 
* 26 Letter Writing Cards
* 26 Letter Reading Cards
* 11 Number Writing Cards
* 11 Number Reading Cards

Key Features:
* Dry erase for easy tracing and practicing
* Tactile components for sensory integration
* Includes various activities using color to teach proper letter and number writing
* All cards are double-sided
* Learn basic skills in language and math
* Ideal for reviewing and practicing
* On-the-go learning for ages 3 and up

Letter Writing Cards: 
The Letter Writing Flashcard deck is a multi-sensory approach to teaching children how to write each letter with accurate sequencing.

Letter Reading Cards:
The Letter Reading Flashcard deck for sight-words is intended to jump start foundational reading and phonetic learning skills.

Number Writing Cards:
The Number Writing Flashcard deck is a multi-sensory approach to teaching number identification, matching quantifiable values, and number writing with accurate sequencing.

Number Reading Cards:
The Number Reading Flashcard deck is a multi-sensory approach to teaching number identification and accurate counting of items while promoting the development of fine and visual-motor skills.

My First Pencils: 

"My First Pencils" have been specifically designed for a better natural grip by little hands. Many pencils used in handwriting development are "golf pencils" -- not ours. "My First Pencils" are the correct length for small hands to develop their grasp.

Each set contains six pencils. Each pencil is a different shape and size to help children learn and develop a natural grasp. 

Pencils are hexagon, triangle and circle. Each set includes one eraser and one pencil sharpener. 

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