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My Writing Board

My Writing Board

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"My Writing Board" was designed and tested by a pediatric occupational therapist to assist in teaching proper gradation when learning handwriting. The patent pending product has a foam topper to allow the paper to break when too much pressure is applied when writing.

"My Writing Board" will help your child learn what is "too light", "too hard" and JUST RIGHT!

* Designed by Pediatric Occupational Therapist
* Foam topper to increase awareness of pencil pressure
* Practice writing in an efficient, legible manner

TOO MUCH PRESSURE (TOO DARK): Children who press too hard with their pencils or crayons may tire quicker than their peers, making the completion of writing and coloring assignments challenging.

NOT ENOUGH PRESSURE (TOO LIGHT): Children who write or draw so lightly that it is hard to see may not be able to compete work as efficiently or quickly as their peers due to the length of time it takes to write legibly.

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