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Ellen has been using this paper for over 20 years because she knows it works.
But don’t take our word for it, read what parents, teachers and therapists are saying about the paper…

  • I love the paper...My son has extremely weak muscle tone and some difficulty with visual perception and motor planning. I've tried every paper I could find to help him. Yours is the only one that didn't overwhelm the eyes with so many lines on the paper, that gave him start and stop lines, and best of all showed him where most of the letters were going to sit - in the yellow section! Many thanks!

  • I'm an OT working within the Pennsylvania school systems. I have recently been given some of your BrightLines paper and love the response from the students and teachers who have used it. I am interested in having some purchased for classroom who have large numbers of students with writing difficulties.

  • My son used your paper with his OT - it's EXCELLENT! ...he does use it pretty much exclusively when anyone wants to be able to actually read what he's written!

  • I am a special education teacher at R. Elementary... My students really do well with the paper.

  • I was advised by my son's teacher that your paper is really good for helping improve writing skills.

  • We love your BrightLines Paper and use it constantly.

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