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About Brightlines Paper

Brightlines Paper is the simple solution to improve writing skills.  Since Brightlines Paper is simplified visually, the individual is able to form letters correctly with adequate space between words.  The lower half of the writing area has been emphasized with yellow or blue color and indicates where the lower case letters should be placed. The solid lines have been separated to help the individual locate the writing area.  The writing line is capped at the beginning and the end to signify where to start and stop writing.  The raised line paper features only the bottom line embossed.  The writer then has a tactile cue for better letter placement.  The spiral bound notebooks are the newest styles.  The cover on the notebook looks traditional, while the Brightlines Paper is inside.  > See the paper here.

Student Lined Paper TemplateWho can benefit from the paper?

Actually anyone! The paper will help a beginning writer learn the basic writing concepts of top to bottom, left to right, and tall and short letters. Since it was developed in 3 sizes, it can accommodate the young printer to the older student or adult learning manuscript or cursive writing.

The paper was designed initially for the student with learning difficulties. It’s also been helpful for individuals with low vision, visual perception issues, and attention disorders. Educators are now using the paper for their entire classroom during journaling activities. Therapists are using the adaptive paper in their clinics.

> See the progress here.

What styles are available?

BrightLines Paper Style Sample

We offer three types of highlighted paper: Spiral Bound Notebooks, Non-Raised and Raised Line Papers.

Brightlines paper comes as a tablet of 50 heavyweight pages. There is a choice of three different widths – Regular, Narrow, and Wide.  Two styles allow space for creating a picture as well as composing.

There is also a choice of yellow or blue highlighting.  The raised line paper is available in all styles and colors except the styles for creating a picture.

The spiral bound notebooks feature perforation along the left side of each page for clean tearing out of each page. The notebooks come in the Narrow and Regular width  with yellow or blue highlighting.

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About the Founder: Ellen Kinsinger

Ellen Kinsinger

Ellen Kinsinger

Ellen worked as an Occupational Therapist in Iowa for 38 years in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and homes with all ages and a variety of conditions. She was a 1972 graduate of the University of Wisconsin. Ellen now is retired and devotes her time to Brightlines Paper.

Over 25 years ago, she developed the concept for this paper out of a need to improve the legibility of her students’ manuscript and cursive writing. Knowing that it had shown remarkable results for the students and because it was time consuming for the teacher or therapist to prepare, she decided to initiate professionally printed versions of the paper. Now many styles are available to everyone.

You can read what others are saying about the paper here, or see examples of how students’ writing have improved.

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